Seeing Red

I've never dyed my hair, and truth be told, I'm never tempted; that is, until I see a photo of a gorgeous redhead.

When I sifted through my emails this morning, I saw this beautiful image--created with Joico Vero K-PAK colors by Hollywood hairstylist Marco Pelusi of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc.--and once again, my crimson passion has been re-ignited and I'm thinking brilliant, flame-colored locks in my future!
Up until recently, I've been "one of those" clients reluctant to take the color plunge, no matter how much a stylist/colorist may tempt them to try a new hue.

How do you get your color-virgins to take that first step to try a new shade? And how do you make them feel confident in their decision to change-up their strands?

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