Mid-Week Treat!

Yesterday, the LP team (Executive Editor Amy Dodds, Senior Associate Editor Alyson Osterman, Associate Publisher Danielle Timsit and yours truly) ventured out of the office and into beautiful Santa Monica. The purpose of our field trip? To experience luxurious nourishing treatments courtesy of Kérastase at Luxelab salon. Now, I've had my share of moisture/reparative/shine enhancing treatments, and I have to say that this was definitely one of the best yet. My stylist, Lauren Still, suggested I try the Oléo-Fusion treatment to help my drying ends. Lauren sprayed the solution onto my freshly shampooed, lightly towel dried mane and sent me into a full state of zen with a tremendously relaxing scalp massage (I know, I know... HEAVEN!). Even when wet, I could tell my hair was smoother and silkier than before. After we each received a treatment ideal for our hair type, we were given stellar blowouts/styling and sent home with more coveted Kérastase products to try (score!). Even my boyfriend agreed my super soft, diva hair looked far too good for a night in and took me out to dinner. Now that's a good day on the job!


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