Give Him a Hairless Hand

The X Factor mentor Simon Cowell arrives at Fountain Studios to help contestants with rehearsals

Leave it to American Idol judge to make manly hand-waxing more mainstream.

According to the Daily Mail, Simon Cowell is now indulging in hot-waxes for the back of his hands—a good move, judging by the amount of hair that sprouts forth from his low-cut v-necks. The unveiling of his newly hairless hands came Sunday, November 29, on his hit U.K. show X Factor, the British parent to our American Idol. And while this sleeker look is definitely appealing (especially for HD TV viewers!), it is a little odd-looking when Cowell pushes up his a sleeves, no?

Are you stripping hairs from the backs of your male clients' hands? We'd love to know!

Also...stay tuned for our forthcoming Men's Issue for the latest male-centric trends...

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