Beautymakers Testify About White House Breach of Security

Party crashers greet President Obama after sneaking into State Dinner in Washington

The Fifth Amendment. Secret Service agents. Breach of national security. You'd think we were talking about the newest Harrison Ford espionage flick. You wouldn't think we were talking about hairstylists. Yet, yesterday D.C.-area stylists Erwin Gomez and Peggy Ioakim testified before a grand jurty at the U.S. District Court in Washington regarding infamous White House party-crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi. The two had primped Michaele for the November 24 White House state dinner that the Salahis managed to attend despite never being invited. Ioakim later told CBS's "Early Show" she wasn't suspicious of her Michaele's plans to attend the dinner because many of Ioakim's D.C. clients attend White House event.

"Me knowing [Michaele] for several years, I got home that night and was stunned…I'm still very shocked," Gomez told the "Early Show."

The two beautymakers endured rounds of questioning from Secret Service agents and federal prosecuters to gain more insight into exactly what happened in the lead up to the Salahi's infiltration of the White House.

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