Nicole Kidman's Makeup Blunder

'Nine' New York Premiere

We've all had those moments where we leave the house with a smudge of mascara on our eyelid, lip pencil that reads too dark in the sunlight, and the dreaded foundation line we thought we blended oh-so-carefully. But, it's pretty darn rare to leave the house with your translucent powder blanketed on your face. But that's just what happened to poor Nicole Kidman at the premiere of her new movie, Nine. My assumption: As all of you makeup artists know, dusting a good amount of translucent powder under the eyes helps to catch any stray eye makeup that may fall during application. But then you wipe it off when all the makeup application is finished. It appears her makeup artist simply forgot to remove the layer. But, then again, shouldn't someone have told her? There's nothing worse than having a piece of food in your teeth and not being told. This is the same thing!
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