Taking Flight

Have you ever dreamed that you were soaring over the city and zooming in-between homes like Peter Pan? The feeling can be so powerful, so real, that sometimes it can stay with you for hours after waking up! But this time…at least for tonight…the flying is real. This evening is the first few hours of our newly revamped beautylaunchpad.com website. And while just yesterday we walked through our editorial paces, tonight we’re finally zooming through cyberspace, reaching stylists and salon owners all over the world, and sharing so many things that are naturally limited with the print version of our magazine. So grab your wings, put on your best tressed attitude, and take a flight of fancy--with the LP staff, of course!--through BeautyLaunchpad.com.
Pssst…We’ll be adding more beauty aerobatics every few days from now on to help your career soar to new heights!

—Jeryl E. Spear, Executive Editor

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