Kate Gosselin's Infamous Hair... and the People Who Love It

Kate Gosselin Book Signing For Eight Little Faces

You have to live under a rock not to know of the emotional turmoil the stars of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Jon and Kate Gosselin, are undergoing. Their alleged love affairs ("He's dating a young teacher! She's in love with her bodyguard!") are being aired on the covers of every single tabloid at every single grocery check-out line. And while the cracks in their marriage certainly are making headlines, another unlikely star is emerging: Kate's hair.

At first, I didn't think much about Kate's hairstyle. I admit, I watched the show prior to the sad drama that's now puling in viewers. Even though I don't have kids, the Gosselin brood always intrigued me. So, I was familiar with that spiky in the back, long in the front 'do Kate's been sporting. But I just never had an opinion about it. Apparently, though, her heavily frosted style is big news—vehemently hated by most, supposedly adored by others. Kate even told Entertainment Weekly, "Everybody wants my hairstyle...My hairstylist gets calls from all across the country." Hmmm...Really?

Apparently, really. Jordan, a cute 10-year-old girl, appeared on Oprah, showing off her freshly shorn, Kate-Gosselin-style cut and color. And, if we're to believe Kate's stylist, the requests for this...what's the word?..."dated" style (yes, I've now formed an unfavorable opinion) are pouring in.

Which got me to thinking: Are hairdressers other than Kate's stylist fielding requests for the "Gosselin"? If you have clients requesting it, please leave a comment! 

—Karie L. Frost


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