How Ultraslim is Safe & Profitable for Your Practice

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Money Talks

UltraSlim is proven to be the most profitable technology to add to your practice.

The purchase price is $68,000 and each UltraSlim contributes over $40,000 a month revenue at 50% utilization.

Patient care plans typically start at $3,000, with hour-long sessions that include undressing, a 32-minute treatment, post-treatment photography, and getting dressed.

Any staff members can be trained and certified to administer UltraSlim treatments. We offer hands-on training at our Cocoa Beach headquarters and/or training via videoconferencing to:

  • Conduct consultations and select appropriate candidates for treatment,
  • Create a care plan for your patients, with achievable expectations,
  • Present the care plan, along with any financing options,
  • Schedule treatment sessions,
  • Administer UltraSlim treatments, and
  • Document your patients’ successful Touchless Transformation, using our 3D imaging workstation or your current photography.

UltraSlim requires no physician time and minimal floorspace. Lastly, UltraSlim pays for itself with your first 23 patients.

Safest With Same-Day Results

Unlike most noninvasive body contouring devices in use today, you will never have to worry about harming your patients with UltraSlim. No paradoxical hyperplasia, no hernias, no DVTs, and no transfer of infectious disease and biological materials between your patients.

UltraSlim is proven safe and has no adverse outcomes or side effects. Its high-powered narrowband optical emitter can treat any area of the body (except the eyes) with a treatment area of up to 23” by 17”. UltraSlim never touches the patient’s body. It's touchless!

First cleared by the FDA in 2015 as a “Powered Laser Surgical Instrument”, UltraSlim is approved and used in hospitals, medical clinics, and medical spas on a prescription-only basis. And the results are spectacular!

UltraSlim received its second FDA clearance in 2016 and is the only device for immediate noninvasive fat removal. In clinical trials, 100% of patients lost at least 733cc of fat during a 32-minute treatment. The average patient lost 1,580cc during one office visit, which is about two pounds of fat.

Working with Canfield Scientific, in 2019 we introduced our UltraSlim 3D Imaging Workstation, adding touchless measurements and automated volumetric analysis.

This powerful selling tool completes your suite for truly Touchless Transformations.

The best patient results, the safest technology, and the most profitable addition to your practice. UltraSlim.

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