Approaching Skin Care Holistically

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A holistic approach is a deeper, more comprehensive way of addressing your clients’ internal and external skin health. Adopting a holistic protocol to nurture their skin can help form a deeper connection between their body’s inner rhythms and emotional well-being. This process involves skin care that goes beyond topicals and treatments.

Using a well-considered approach to skin health also helps us establish a more valuable relationship with our guests and become more attuned, complete versions of ourselves. Here are three ways that you can approach clients’ skin and achieve a deeper understanding of skin health from the inside out.

Nighttime Rituals

Clients trust beauty experts to provide knowledge and advice; however, if we want to improve the lives of our clients, we must go beyond the standard skin care advice and seek to provide holistic guidance. This means adjusting from routines to rituals and utilizing skin care as a form of self-care.

A nighttime skin care ritual can be highly gratifying after a long day’s work, and sticking to a consistent bedtime routine can have a profound impact on the skin. Sleep is when the body repairs itself and some of the most critical epidermal recoveries take place. Conversely, poor sleep can lead to poor skin health, with more pronounced lines, dark circles and difficulty recovering from environmental stressors.

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Lesley Thornton is the founder of Klur, a purpose-driven, eco-inclusive, botanical skin care line. An esthetician who has been taking a holistic approach to skin care since 2010, Thornton has 21 years of experience and has developed a unique holistic approach to healing and maintaining the skin.

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