PARODI Professional Care Prevents and Helps Dry Hands

Parodi Moisturizers

Hand-washing is a key component in maintaining overall health and preventing germ exposure. But when done over-zealously, skin on hands can easily become dry, chapped and irritated. And if any group of people understands the importance of keeping hands moisturized to avoid the unpleasant outcome of over-washing, it’s salon professionals. That's why PARODI Professional Care was created. 

Globally, 4 out of 5 hairdressers experience work-related skin irritation on their hands. In fact, hairdressers rated “dehydrated hands that are sore and have pain” as the most distressing ailment associated with the profession in a focus group—more than sore neck muscles from giving blowouts or an aching back from standing all day. “Salon professionals have overworked hands, and they need a product that’s effective and allows them to continue with their day and their work. They need high-performance products for their self-care, and PARODI addresses that,” says Linda Gillette Parodi, founder and CEO of PARODI Professional Care, who developed the brand to remedy the specific hand care needs of stylists and aestheticians. What makes PARODI products unique is that they penetrate the skin sans greasy residue, allowing its natural protective barrier to self-repair and retain moisture.

Treat the skin on your hands like the skin on your face with a day and evening moisturizing ritual—all it takes is a pearl-sized dollop.

Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream

  • Fast-absorbing formula moisturizes with a nongreasy feel
  • Protects hands from repeated water exposure
  • Revitalizes hands for a youthful, supple appearance

Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream

  • Comforts extremely dry, dehydrated and overworked hands
  • Deeply nourishes hands
  • Leaves hands radiant and smooth in appearance


Nacre, or Mother of Pearl, helps promote lustrous, clear, moist and supple skin for a radiant, youthful look. Hypericum, also known as St. John’s wort, is a wild herb with medicinal properties. It reduces inflammation, balances texture, aids in maintaining moisture and leaves skin refreshed.

PARODI Professional Care is available at select retailers in the U.S., on and on Follow the brand @parodicare.


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