Transformations Top Pieces by Raquel Welch Offer Fun and Fashionable Hairpieces

The Game Changer hairpiece features a hand-knotted base and 100% human hair. Place the front edge at the hairline or slightly behind to add coverage or a lot of volume in little time.It's a fact of life most women don't want to admit to themselves: They may experience thinning hair. Whether it's from stress, new motherhood, aging or genetics, the truth is that 40 percent of women will have visible hair loss by the time they are 40 years old, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. 

While many women may believe that there's nothing they can do, the truth is much different, thanks to Raquel Welch Wigs. The global leader for over 20 years in wigs and hair accessories, Raquel Welch now offers Transformations Top Pieces by Raquel Welch, a collection of toppers, top-of-head hairpieces, clip-in bangs and hair accessories that are perfect solutions not only for women experiencing hair loss, but for fashionable femmes wanting to add more to what they already have.

The Stages of Hair Loss
​Just like all women are not the same, so too is all hair loss not the same. Some women may experience a receding front hairline, others thinning at the temples, or even partial hair loss along the part or in the crown area. Because the variety of hair loss needs is diverse, so are the Transformations product options. 

To help you assist your client in finding the right Transformations hair piece for their needs, Raquel Welch has created a special visual that outlines the various stages of hair loss. 

This hair loss chart helps to determine which Transformations pieces will work best.For a receding front hairline or thinning at the temples, try a clip-in bang or fringe style. For hair loss along the part or crown area, a top-of-head hairpiece is ideal. They’re small, lightweight and an excellent choice for women who don’t need the coverage of a full wig. In general, select a style with a base size large enough to conceal the area of hair loss.

Many women consider their top-of-head hairpiece to be “a lifesaver.”

The Benefits of Transformations
Transformations hairpieces are designed to be comfortable, secure and, above all, natural-looking. There are options for every budget and include high-quality features such as a hand-knotted base and lace-front options. Additionally, clients can choose from 100-percent human hair or Tru2Life strands, which are heat-styleable synthetic fibers that can be curled or straightened and won’t react to humidity. Additional options include pieces with a monofilament part or crown that gives the natural appearance of hair growing from the scalp. What's more, each piece comes in a wide variety of colors to blend beautifully with your client's natural shade. And for those who just want more of a good thing, these helper pieces are also perfect to add much needed volume to fine, limp hair. 

To learn more, visit www.raquelwelchwigs.com/transformations or call 1-888-655-8900

This 100% human-hair bang instantly and effortlessly changes up her look and adds fullness and density.




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