Get the Look: Laid-Back Elegance at TOME

For TOME's recent Resort 2016 presentation in New York City, hairstylist Dale Delaporte from Prema Salon NYC was inspired by Dorothy Parker and an element of casual elegance when creating the luxurious, yet laid-back locks for the models. According to Dale, the look at TOME was based on "the girl that falls on the 'street' side of elegant, so the hair had to represent that. This collection has a lot of volume and some really interesting shapes, so the hair needed to stay controlled and casual. The product usage is minimal, as is the styling; but ultimately when teamed up with the collection, it is the perfect marriage. It's all about the hair looking gentle and effortless, but personalized for each individual girl."

Click through to see the step-by-step process for creating this look! [pagebreak]

1. Mist hair with evo icon welder to protect from the heat process. [pagebreak]

2. Prep the hair with a light spritz of evo mister fantastic texture spray to accentuate the natural texture. [pagebreak]

3. Create a soft center part and lightly dry through using just the fingers without removing the natural movement. [pagebreak]

4. With a 1-1.5" curling iron, gently add a curve to the hair by rolling a large section around the barrel in one rotation. This will create an indent in the hair as opposed to a curl. [pagebreak]

5. Gently shake out the movement and mist the ends with a little evo love touch to separate and calm any roughness through the mid-lengths to ends. [pagebreak]

6. Personalize to suit the features and face shape of each girl whilst showing the texture. [pagebreak]

7. Finish your style with evo helmut light hairspray for a soft hold but maximum control and manageability.

[Photography: James Hartley]

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