The 4 Best Types of Hairstyles for Rainy Days

The next time you get caught out in the rain, simply turn it into an opportunity to create a rainy day hairstyle! “Coming Undone” looks are a great way to showcase curly hair and tousled waves. Disheveled and mussed hairstyles are trending strong with naturally air dried looks becoming popular. Josef and Shaun Settle, owners of the Shaoé Haircare Secret Seven line of professional products, offer hairstyling advice on creating some fun rainy day hairstyles.

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Rainy Day Boho: Josef Settle says, “The most important part of creating the “undone” looks is to start with a foundation product in the hair. We use our Avant Garde Thickening Cream to build body into hair strands without weighing it down, providing instant volume. It is also the ultimate cocktail product to mix with other products. It will provide ‘second day’ hair which is important for the undone looks and will also provide great shine. Next, we apply our Crème de la Crème Setting Spray while the hair is wet to create texture. With rain drenched hair; spray on our Crème de la Crème Setting Spray and air dry hair while scrunching for naturally wavy locks. If you have a blow dryer on hand, use a diffuser to create body and continue spraying with Crème de la Crème while drying for more texture. Naturally curly hair always has lot of curl patterns going on; so the rain could actually help you to create that un-uniform look!”
Frizz Proof Braids:  Braids are a great save for a rainy day, keeping the hair controlled and off the face. Better still, after they’ve gotten wet and air dried, you’ll have sexy spirals later in the day! Putting a braid at the crown of the head will contain your bangs and look great if you choose to wear a hat. Shaun Settle says, “Deconstruct any formal braided style by starting with maximum texture. Before braiding use Majestic Renewal Therapy for healthy body and shine. You will want a messy look, yet not a frizzy one.” French braid hair loosely on crown or sides of head, mussing slightly and wrapping ends into a relaxed chignon, untidy top knot or leave loose in a side braid. Fishtail braids are naturally mussy and go swimmingly with wet weather! Spritz the hair with Crème de la Crème setting spray and lightly tug on the braids in random places to loosen.

Windy Waves & Wild Ponies: A ponytail is a quick fix for rain or wind, keeping the hair up and out of the way. Josef Settle says, “For full volume and curls, apply Radiant Texturizing Hair Polish and use a diffusor while blow drying. Tease the hair at the crown of head gently and pull hair loosely into a high ponytail.”  To deconstruct the ponytail for an even wilder rainy day effect, leave side hair down while pulling the hair at the crown up and into a twist, pinning in place. Then gather hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Part the side hair into four sections and braid, massaging the plaits apart slightly to create a thicker braid with texture. Pull the braids over the back ponytail and pin into place. Settle says, “For spiraling siren waves, the Avant Garde Thickening Paste will provide added texture without weight. Use a small amount of thickening paste on dry hair and twist around a curling iron. Or, use it on wet hair and coil into knots all over the head, letting air dry before releasing.”
Top Knots & Low Buns:
A topknot is a simple go-to rainy day hairstyle, made as messy or clean as you like. Keep hair frizz free by applying a smoothing product before drying. Shaun Settle says, “Apply Sophisticated Smoothing Serum before blow drying, sectioning hair first for more sleekness. Apply Crème de la Crème setting spray for even more environmental control. Finally, apply Majestic Renewal Therapy, a fine mist that provides sparkling shine with a healing blend of therapeutic oils.” A low chignon is another option or try a Gibson tuck. Pull hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic, then tug on the ponytail to loosen. Wiggle a gap in your ponytail between the elastic and your scalp with your finger to create a space and twist the ponytail, rolling up and tucking it into the gap. Keep rolling the hair until it is snug against the neck and pin, covering the elastic. For a fuller look or shorter hair, use a hair roller to create volume.  For an even mussier look; leave side sections of hair out initially and braid loosely, while pulling them over and into the tuck. Look even more like a Gibson girl by wearing a decorative headband, tucking your roll of hair into the band for more stability in a windy gust. Now check the weather report and look forward to the next rainy day!

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[Images courtesy of Laura Kaszoni, Marketing Solutions, Inc., and Love PR]

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