Claudio Lazo To Offer Hairstyling Classics Courses

Celebrity hairstylist Claudio Lazo recently announced that he will be offering exclusive courses focused on styling basics and the fundamentals of hairdressing. For over twenty years ​​Lazo has been a fixture in the LA hair scene, working with supermodels, as well as with many A-list actresses. Lazo brings his own personal brand of classic style to every woman at his C the Salon on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA. Classically trained, Lazo learned from some of the greatest innovators in the hair industry, and is excited to teach the basics of true styling itself. The art of hair, coupled with the specific skills that are essential to a well-rounded stylist, are important to Lazo, and he stresses that his desire is to “bring awareness to this fact, because there is a true disconnect between what stylists think they know, and what they have actually learned...I want to close the gap.”

Says Lazo, “It’s not just enough to put together good editorial style, [stylists] need to know all the technique, and reasoning behind it. My styling classes will not let you forget what was going on in the past, because what has helped me stay on the cutting edge is going back to the classics of my training. Just like the classics of Vidal Sassoon's cutting: A bob is a bob. It is as relevant today as it was 80 years ago.”

The world of fashion and styling is an ever-evolving medium, but these classes will give stylists an edge in getting ahead and improving their techniques. Bringing an “A” game is essential in this heavily competitive field - stylists need to stand out to succeed and build their clientele. Lazo feels that, unfortunately, today’s educators aren’t stressing the basic beauty of classic styles. “It’s the foundation for everything in hair, and stylists are seeing old skills as a chore rather than an asset," says Lazo. "Pin curls may be tedious to execute, but the soft beautiful waves they produce are still more accurate for 1920’s-style glamour than [what] you can create with a curling wand or flat iron.” It is also just as important to know your genres. "There is a difference between 30's, 40's, and 50's glamour," adds Lazo. "There is a distinct difference, yet many stylists often blur the lines which is a tell-tale sign that they were not properly trained."

Lazo is known for his artistry mastership, and he splits his time doing editorial work, runway, advertising, and red carpet glamour for many well known Hollywood starlets. He has consulted for some of the biggest hair care makers in the world, including Wella and Clairol.

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[Image: Celest via Wikimedia Commons]

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