Sexy Hair Partners with PowaTag for One-Touch Shopping

Sexy Hair recently announced an exciting new partnership with PowaTag, an innovative mobile platform, to bring one-touch shopping to next month's issue of Cosmopolitan (out April 14th). For the first time in a major U.S. publication, readers will be able to instantly purchase Sexy Hair's best-selling product, Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play hairspray, by simply scanning the ad with their smartphone. This marks the first time a beauty brand has implemented PowaTag's instant shopping technology in a major U.S. magazine, simultaneously bringing the power of digital advertising to print and establishing a new standard in the mobile beauty marketplace.

“Advertising in the top fashion and beauty magazines has always been a guaranteed way to reach our target audience, but this new technology takes this to the next level,” says Jennifer Weiderman, VP of Marketing and Education for Sexy Hair. “Print ads have traditionally centered on piquing the reader’s interest and building towards a future purchase later on – the potential reach is huge, but the actual sales conversion is out of our hands. Our partnership with PowaTag removes the uncertainty by enabling anyone who sees the ad to instantly complete the purchase as soon as the impulse strikes. Sexy Hair strives to be on the forefront of innovation and the possibilities here are endless, so this partnership was the ideal match.”
“Sexy Hair is in good company with several other professional beauty brands who have partnered with Powatag, but Sexy Hair will be the first to execute in consumer print advertising,” said Jill Pauley, Director of Ecommerce at Sexy Hair. “We’re excited to see how it performs.”

Dan Wagner, CEO and Founder of Powa Technologies, agrees this is a huge opportunity for the beauty industry, adding, “Cosmopolitan reaches more than three million readers in America with every issue, so transforming their previously passive ads into an interactive virtual store will enable Sexy Hair to reach a huge number of customers.  Today’s increasingly tech-savvy consumers want to engage and shop on their own terms, in their own time, and they are drawn to brands that bring them innovative new ways to meet their demands. Giving their fans a new way to shop through the pages of a leading publication puts Sexy Hair ahead of the competition. We are establishing a new form of commerce that will turn the advertising world on its head.”
Readers can download the free PowaTag app and purchase a product from the magazine at their leisure. This platform helps Sexy Hair connect with customers anytime, anywhere, giving users the chance to explore the brand and deepen engagement beyond the typical online purchasing process.  
The Sexy Hair and PowaTag partnership is at the forefront of growing global momentum in the use of innovative mobile solutions to drive instant global transactions with beauty and luxury products.
Be on the lookout for the Sexy Hair PowaTag ad in the May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.
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[Image courtesy of Allison PR]

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