Get the Look: Beautiful Boho Waves

The perfect style for spring and summer, long, cascading waves are always on-trend. Great for pool days, night's out, or simply running errands around town, boho waves can easily and beautifully take your client from day to night. Perfect your technique with these steps from New York Streets (, below.

Get the Look:
1. Prep and protect hair with Hair Repair.
2. Using the Flatiron District Flat Iron, separate the hair into small sections (no bigger than the width of the iron) and run the iron over the hair once or twice, pressing very lightly. You don’t want to straighten the hair, but a touch of heat will help your boho waves set better.
3. Continue working in small sections and start at the roots - wrap hair around the top end of the iron, toward you. Turn the iron 180 degrees. Then, while pressing lightly and clapping the iron to allow movement, run the iron up and down the section for about 5 seconds.

4. Remove the iron and cup the curled section in your hand to let it cool for a few seconds. Then, twist the strand around your fingers to help set the wave and run fingers through the waves to separate.

5. For a smoother, bouncier, shiner wave, apply a small amount of Wax or work Paste into hair for a sexy, tousled look with more separation.

6. Set your style and to ensure the boho waves last throughout the day, finish with Hair Spray.

[Images courtesy of Y Communications]

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