Hair Color How To: Haitian Hibiscus by Krista Inzinga

Hairstylist Krista Inzinga recently created this fun, bright hair color for her client. Shades of purple melt to indigo and fade to muted lime-green for a striking, complementary visual contrast. Below, Inzinga shares the steps she took to create this beautiful Haitian Hibiscus hair color.

Get the Look:
Says Inzinga, "We started out by removing/lightening any previous traces of Vivids that were in her hair. I used Redken Color Gels in Clear with 30 vol. I applied it to her entire head - starting at the mid-shaft/ends (apply quickly and rub vigorously until you see the color starting to come out), and then applied on her re-growth and covered with a cap and let her sit for about 10-15 minutes. It lightened up her re-growth a significant amount (natural level 7), which is a great alternative to using bleach."

Color Formulas:
Says Inzinga, "I custom mix everything and combine different color lines of Vivids. I use PRAVANA, Joico Intensities, and Arctic Fox.

PRAVANA Neon Pink (Base)
Add a nickel-size amount of Joico Light Purple
A dab of Joico Magenta
Quarter-size amount of Joico Orchid

PRAVANA Neon Blue - base
Dab of Joico Indigo
Quarter-size amount of Joico Sapphire Blue
Quarter-size amount of Joico Amethyst Purple

ENDS (2 separate formulas):
PRAVANA Neon Yellow (3/4) + PRAVANA Yellow (1/4)
PRAVANA Silver + dab of Pastel Violet

How To:
1. Says Inzinga, "I start by applying the base color at the root area as you would a re-growth of 1 inch. Try not to 'contaminate' the mid-shaft and ends.

2. "I then go through and take random organic-like sections comparable to a square 1 inch tall and 1 inch wide. Apply the mid-shaft formula while blending it in well with the base color.

3. "I applied the formula for the ends the same way alternating the yellow and silver. It does not need to be exact, have fun with it and give it your own twist!

4. "We finished by doing a full Olaplex treatment on her - it really helps to maintain her color."

For more from Inzinga, follow her on Instagram @kristainzinga_hair.

[Image courtesy of Krista Inzinga]

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