Watch: Beat the Winter Hair Blues with Ruth Roche

Winter can be harsh on hair; the extreme cold weather and indoor heating can make it feel brittle and dry. Pureology Precious Oil System is the perfect cure - it delivers ingredients that restore hair to make it feel soft and supple. In the video below, Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, offers tips on how to use Precious Oil to beat the winter hair blues. 

“Precious Oil takes rough brittle hair and makes it feel softer and more manageable; it’s perfect for giving hair that little extra kick it needs in winter to look good,” says Roche.  Not to mention the formula helps protect color and is 100% vegan. Shampoo is also ZeroSulfate and ZeroSilicone.

Precious Oil Shamp’Oil uses a unique oil system to deliver the ingredients hair needs to feel better. Precious Oil Softening Condition is an oil-infused concentrated conditioner that adds softness and Precious Oil Softening Masque fortifies the cuticle with an intense amount of ingredients to illuminate the hair. The Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil is the most versatile product in the line; it infuses hair with sunflower, coconut, olive and jojoba oils to replenish and restore hair. Roche shares the multiple uses of this product that seals the cuticle making hair feel soft and supple, even in winter:

  • Use as a conditioner and rinse out to soften hair and add shine.
  • Apply to wet hair and leave in – will define and manage texture whether hair is air-dried or blow-dried.
  • Applied to dry hair for added shine and frizz reduction.
  • Mix with styling products to add extra shine and protection.
  • Apply as a refresher between shampoos.

See all 10 uses from this multipurpose product, here:

“Oils are such a versatile product and ideal for clients to use in winter to smooth down the cuticle, protect hair and add moisture and shine,” adds Roche.

[Image/video courtesy of Glow Communications]

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