Hair News: Amanda Jenkins Becomes ARROJO's Cosmetology School Artistic Director

In a structural and conceptual change, ARROJO Master Stylist Amanda Jenkins is taking the newly-created position of Cosmetology School Artistic Director for Nick Arrojoʼs eponymous brand.

“I feel inspired to be joining an award-winning beauty school,” says Jenkins. “My role is to strengthen the standards at ARROJO Cosmetology. We want to upgrade the cosmetology experience for faculty, students, and clients. I've taught occasionally in the school since it opened. Nick (Arrojo) has already raised the bar at the cosmetology level, but thereʼs more we can do to elevate how we teach, to bolster the client experience, and to get graduates ready to succeed on the salon floor hotbed.”

A move to further raise standards at a groundbreaking American beauty school, Amanda will work on the efficacy of the students. Her role is to refine how they cut, style, and finish hair, to teach them how to build a client base, and to show them how to create their image in an image business. Meanwhile, she will work with the faculty to enhance how we teach ARROJO techniques to under graduates, as well as putting her knowledge into improving the client experience in the student salon.

“Amanda is a pillar of the brand and an exceptionally inspiring educator and person,” says Arrojo. “With the school expanding into TriBeCa, I wanted to ensure we could maintain consistency across both locations while continuing to raise the level of foundational hairdressing education. Going to cosmetology school should not be something you do to get a license, it should be an inspiring, defining moment in your career direction.”

Two-time winner of the Toni & Guy Editorial Award, Jenkins joined ARROJO as a Master Stylist in 2004. Her work includes ad campaigns that decorate the Tokyo skyline, while travels to Australia and Berlin put her on a global stage to share vanguard trends from NYC. Her press includes interviews in American Salon, Modern Salon, Family Circle, and Allure. Amanda has a stellar collection of creative work, including a famed Keith Haring by Patricia Field editorial. As the ARROJO Cosmetology Artistic Director, Amanda will continue as a Master Stylist, Educator, and Editorial Stylist at ARROJO Studio.

[Image courtesy of ARROJO]

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