Hair Color How To: Blonde Ambition by Karli Engelage

Alexa Parker Morrison recently underwent a hair color transformation, replacing her grown-out, magenta strands with a new, beautiful blonde. Says Morrison, "My AMAZING boss/salon owner, Karli Engelage at The Hair Studio, transformed my hair from layers of Wild Orchid PRAVANA to a beautiful, multidimensional blonde in ONE SITTING! It only took 3 hours to transform my hair; I didn't even need a haircut afterwards."  

As clients who embraced the rainbow hair color trend begin to switch back to a more subtle look this season, transforming brightly-colored locks is sure to become a very in-demand service. Says Morrison, "I would love to share [how this makeover was done] since PRAVANA is becoming very popular, and everyone has different methods of getting [the color] out."

How To:
1. According to Morrison, "We began with a soap cap/de-colorizer with 40 volume (leaving it off my regrowth completely), and did a Redken CAT treatment afterwards.

2. "[Next, we] weaved my entire hair into foils of 8WG and Redken Flash Lift with 20 volume.

3. "We then toned with 09T, 09N, and Clear. It turned out perfectly!"

[Image courtesy of Alexa Parker Morrison via Facebook]

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