Critics' Choice Awards: Recreate These Celebrity Looks

Hollywood's biggest celebrities walked the red carpet looking simply stunning at the recent Critics' Choice Movie Awards in Los Angeles, CA. Get how-to's, straight from top celebrity stylists, to recreate the sophisticated looks!

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Get the Look:
1. Says Heath, "I began by prepping the hair with Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer from roots to ends. Next, I created a straight center part and blew the hair dry with an Ibiza Round Brush. I wanted the hair straight and shiny.
2. "From the back of the center part (crown of the head) I created a part running to the top of the left ear and then another to the top of the right ear, and sectioned them away. Then I created a section horizontally running from the top of the left ear over to the top of the right ear. I sprayed that section with a healthy amount of R+Co Outer Space Hairspray, combed it back, and pulled it into a tight ponytail. I then pulled the hair underneath that section into a tight ponytail, also spraying with the hairspray first.  
3. "At this point, I had two ponytails (one over the other) in the back and two sections clipped off in the front. I pulled the left section back, again spraying it with hairspray and applying Kevin Murphy Easy Rider for a more slick texture and for hold, and combined it with the bottom ponytail. I then repeated that on the right section.  
4. "I combed the hair, making sure everything was sleek and in place. Then, with small blonde bobby pins, I twisted the bottom ponytail into a bun. Next I teased and twisted the top one into a bun. I pulled them both apart and placed some pins to help intertwine the two buns.  
5. "Finally, I touched up any fly-aways with more of the Easy Rider and finished with Oscar Blandi Lacca Hairspray for added hold and extra shine."

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Emily Blunt


Emily Blunt, winner of the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actress in an Action Film (Edge of Tomorrow), dazzled in a glamorous, red Emilio Pucci dress and gorgeous hair, created by celebrity stylist Ashley Streicher for Rich Hair Care. “It’s sexy, 'cool girl' hair,” said Streicher, “tousled, textured, waved and volumized. After discussing the look with her make-up artist, my sister Jenn Streicher, we agreed that since the gown was so formal, we wanted to 'cool' up the hair a bit and do a bronzed smokey eye and nude lip. Emily loved the idea. Emily had just come home after getting fresh blonde balayaged highlights with Tracey Cunningham, arriving with wet, freshly-washed hair. It was  actually great for the texture that I wanted to create for her."

Get the Look:
1. Says Streicher, "I combed RICH Argan Volumizing Mousse through her wet hair from roots to ends and blow dried with a round brush for natural volume.
2. "I then center-parted her hair and added volume at the crown.
3. "Next, I took about 1 1/2-square-inch sections (starting at the nape of the neck) and sprayed each with RICH Sure Hold Hairspray before wrapping them around a 1-inch hot rod, leaving just the very ends out.
4. "When releasing the hair from the barrel, I pulled it straight down to cool while slightly roughing it up with my fingers. I did this all the way up the head until the very top front.
5. "On top front, I made an 'S' wave with my flat iron.

6. "I then warmed a small amount of RICH Rejuvenating Argan Oil Elixir in my palms and pulled it through all of her ends while shaking some of her wave out. This separated the texture while keeping the ends healthy looking and shiny.
7. "I then gently back-combed the crown and gave her a nice little head rub to create some texture and break up the curl
8. "To complete, I quickly ran a flat iron over random curls, to make it a little less perfect, while keeping the volume.
9. "I locked the look with RICH Sure Hold Hairspray! Viola - sexy, 'cool girl' hair!" [pagebreak]

Keira Knightly


Keira Knightly opted for classic hair and makeup at last night’s Critics Choice Awards, adding a glamorous touch with Henri Bendel’s Constellation Bobby Pin from the holiday collection.

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Jessica Chastain



Celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora worked with Jessica Chastain to create her stunning Critics' Choice Awards hairstyle. “The inspiration for Jessica’s hair at the Critics’ Choice Awards came from the beautiful dress," says Campora. "Once I saw the high neckline, I knew we wanted to show that off. Working with the silouette, I decided to pull the hair off of the face and create a beautiful loose braid in the back. The result was a modern shape that really complemented the whole look."

Get the Look:

1. Says Campora, "On wet hair, I applied Kerastase Mousse Volumactive and then blew it dry with a large round brush. I wanted the hair to be smooth and shiny.
2. "Next, I separated the hair and pulled the top section into a rubber band. I wrapped some of the hair around the band. At this point, half of the hair was up and half was down. Then I took about an inch section of hair from below each ear and brought them together. I used a very small rubber band to hold this in place.  
3. "I then created a simple loose braid in the back to keep the look soft. I secured the end with a small rubber band and finished with Wella Finishing Hairspray."

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