Hair Color How To: Raspberry Red Transformation by Shauna Powers

Colorist Shauna Powers of Dukes and Dolls Salon in Petaluma, CA recently helped transform her client from a faded, grown-out ombre, to a gorgeous, rich, raspberry hair color. Below, she shares how she achieved the stunning new look!

Says Powers, "My client was a natural level 3, and had a grown-out, faded red roots and 'ombre' - brassy level 8/9. I used Schwarzkopf color, Royal for the permanent, and Vibrance gloss+tone as the glaze."

Formula 1: 5-88, 5-99 + 30vol
Formula 2: 6-99 + 10vol
Formula 3: 9-98 +10vol
Formula 4: L-88 +10vol
Highlight Formula 5: L-89 +40vol
Highlight Formula 6: BlondeMe bleach+20vol
Tone/Gloss Formula 7: 7-88 + Vibrance gloss & tone developer

Get the Look:
1. Says Powers, "I applied formula 1 from the roots to the line of demarcation of the old red root color.

2. "Next, I went through and highlighted with Highlight formulas 5 and 6, alternating. I weaved and worked up the hair horizontally.

3. "Between foils, I brought formula 2 from the line of demarcation of where the old red began (and where I stopped applying formula 1) to where the blonde begins. I feathered down when I reached the beginning of the blonde so there would be no harsh lines.

4. "Without using foil, I alternated panels of formulas 3 and 4. I smudged into the formula 2 and saturated well. This gave variations of a true red and a violet red.
5. "Finally, I rinsed, shampooed, and then toned with formula 7 (mostly to tone the pre-lightened pieces, and gloss over everything)."

For more, follow Powers on Instagram, @shaunapowershair!


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