Salon Tips: The Importance of In-Salon Training

According to Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, "There are three ways for a salon professional to gain access to face-to-face education: go to a class, have an educator come to the salon, or go to a show. The challenge with the first and last is the rest of the salon team still needs to be briefed on the new content. By hiring an in-salon trainer, the middle step is omitted and the team can head straight to implementing new information.

“In-salon education is ideal because there is no travel, the entire team can be present in an intimate setting, and the facilitator can customize content to benefit the salon’s needs,” adds Roche. In-salon training has a very high ROI, so here are some tips to keep the team motivated and get the most out of an in-salon training.

  • "Mandatory training is a good idea, with the knowledge that some stylists see the value more than others, so position the education as a way to rejuvenate energy, fill their creative buckets and explore their tool boxes," advises Roche. "Use it as a motivational tool rather than a mandatory meeting.
  • "Advise attendees to show up dressed for success," says Roche. "No one (not even the facilitator) gets jazzed about spending time in a room full of people who look they rolled out of bed. Advise attendees to take pride in what they do and how they look (our business is beauty, after all). If they are professional looking and passionate about learning, the trainer will go the extra mile."
  • Says Roche, "It’s all about attitude - advise attendees to be open to anything, even if they are great at razor cutting and the class is about razor cutting, they will learn something valuable. Anytime a stylist watches another stylist do something, there is always something to learn.
  • "Persuade the team to participate fully – jump in with both feet and not to be afraid of making mistakes," adds Roche, "that’s how they will learn the most."

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[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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