Hair Color How To: Rich, Radiant Red by Ginger Huff

Chromastics colorist, Ginger Huff, of Salon Fusion in Bonaire, GA, recently helped her client transform her locks from basic blonde to rich, radiant red. Says Huff, "When I first met [this client], I just knew she was going to be a very eccentric kind of client that wanted fun and different, and boy did I deliver! Her eye color and the tinge-of-a-golden-blonde palette was the perfect compliment to a beautiful, mahogany red I had in mind, just for her." Below, Huff shares her tips on how she created the gorgeous, new look!

Get the Look:
Says Huff, "I formulated the following:

  • Base 60g 2RO + 60g 2RV + 40g XL Cream 160g 20 Volume
  • Foiled in large slices for depth 40g 2RO + 20g Gold Concentrate +45g 10 Volume
  • Processed for 35 minutes, shampooed out, and finished with an all-over demi 4 RO glaze for 15 minutes, applied to towel-dried hair.

"Bringing the bangs across the forehead accented her baby blue eyes just as I pictured."

[Image courtesy of Ginger Huff via Facebook]

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