Aveda Global Artistic Team Presents at the Mid America Show 2014

In the same year the eco-minded beauty brand lost its founder, Horst Rechelbacher, the Aveda Mid-America Show took on a somber—but no less spectacular—tone. More than 1,800 regional stylists and salon owners gathered in Cincinnati this September to watch the Aveda Global Artistic Team and Guest Artists take the stage for a day of technical presentations and performances.

Ray Civello, President of Aveda Canada, and his team took the stage first with their offering entitled Sustainable Human, featuring models wearing ornate, white floral-inspired headdresses atop their coifs along with a message onscreen: “All elements of this show were created using the most environmentally responsible methods that reflect our vision and values.” Fresh off New York Fashion Week, Guest Artist and Educator Jon Reyman crafted soft, modern takes on classic styles. Janell Geason, Global Artistic Director, Makeup, showed off Aveda’s Romantic Grandeur and limited-edition Twinkling Eyes shades with looks inspired by her own Night Bloom collection.

Drawing inspiration from his world travels, Ian Michael Black, Global Artistic Direct, Hair Color, sent his models down the runway with rich, radiant pops of color in their manes. Tippi Shorter, Global Artistic Director, Textured Hair, wowed the crowd as she crocheted extensions made from recycled cotton yarn onto a model. Sculptural cuts set against a stark Icelandic landscape gave Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting, Ricardo Dinis’ presentation a strong, moody vibe. Master Educator Tim Howard exhibited the freshest trends in men’s cutting. Allen Ruiz, Global Artistic Director, Hair Styling, closed out the presentations with Chameleon Stealth, featuring models morphed into reptilian goddesses with serpentine-shaped styles fused together with snake patterns and crimped textures.

Between the beauty segments, wellness and remembrance punctuated the day. The Aveda team gave a brief but moving tribute to their late leader. Injecting a bit of earth-friendly science into the event was Pat Peterson Werre, Vice President of Research and Development, as she demonstrated how Aveda creates natural, sustainable salicylic acid (acne-fighter extraordinaire) using wintergreen oil, and reminded the audience “plants are Aveda’s best chemists.” Tribal Elder Shivnath Tandon opened the day with a moment of wellness that would become the recurring theme, urging, “We cannot live in the past; we must live in the future. We must change, and change is the most important thing. You are our change agents.” –Angie Reiber

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