Holiday Hair How To: Create a Retro-Inspired Bouffant

Holiday parties are in full swing, and nothing is more festive than a glamorous, retro-inspired 'do. For holiday hair inspiration your client is sure to love, check out these simple steps from New York Streets on how to create a vintage-looking, voluminous bouffant hairstyle.

Get the Look:
1. Spray damp hair with HAIR REPAIR and work in 1 to 2 pumps of VOLUME FOAM.

2. Blow-dry with a round brush curling the ends in towards the face (bangs should be curled away from face).

3. Part hair into a deep side part and then section hair off two portions: the crown and the front-most section. Push the front portion towards your face and tie up with a hair-elastic. Begin to lightly tease the crown section and twist into a bun. Secure with bobby pins and spray with HAIRSPRAY.

4. Untie the front section and tease away – the bigger the better! Once completely teased, lay over your bun. Tame any fly-aways and blend the sides. Carefully gather teased hair (keeping bun covered) and push up until you reach your desired bouffant height.

5. Pin in place using bobby pins and secure with more HAIRSPRAY over the entire look.

[Image: Getty Images]

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