Bright and Dimensional Red Hair Color by Cynthia Lumzy

Cynthia Lumzy, owner of My Alter Ego Salon in Dixon, Illinois, loves to push the envelope with unique, edgy looks and cuts. "Whether bold and visual or soft and obscure with a hint of allure upon discovery, it is as if everything I see is if I am looking through a prism. I constantly see reflections of color through the projection and angles of light," says Cynthia. She often says that she even dreams in color. So, what’s next for Cynthia? January 18th she kicks off her “Dream In Color” eight city educational tour.

Cynthia shares how to create this bold and bright dimensional red hair color:Get The Color:
FORMULA 1: JOICO intensity red
FORMULA 3: JOICO intensity orchid a drop of PRAVANA purple
FORMULA 4: PRAVANA wild orchid pink and magenta

STEP 1: Take a section equal to the shape of an eye right above the eyebrow (be creative with your size). Note: I used a medium sized shape.
STEP 2: Apply Matrix Lightmaster with 40 volume and Olaplex to the mid-shaft.
STEP 3: Apply Matrix Lightmaster with 30 volume and Olaplex to the scalp area. Lift to a level 9.
STEP 4: Shampoo and blow dry completely.
STEP 5: Apply your base color. Here I used Schwarzkopf Viviance 1oz 6-89; 1 / 2oz 5-99 and 1 ounce of 0-89 concentrate and 1/2 ounce of 0-99 concentrate mixed with developer lotion.
STEP 6: Layer in your fashion colors in foils. I used different size zigzag subsections to eliminate the uniform appearance. Process 30 min.
STEP 7: Rinse. Beginning with your base color, then rinse each foil separately in cold water.
STEP 8: Towel dry and apply Olaplex no.2.  
STEP 9: Rinse Blowout and Style.

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[Images courtesy of Cynthia Lumzy]

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