Andy LeCompte and Sarah Vickery Dish on Trends and Wella’s Upcoming Hair Care and Color Lines

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With winter on the horizon it’s imperative to start sourcing products that will protect your clients’ locks while making sure they don’t lose their luster. And with springtime following suit in the not-so-distant future requests to lighten and brighten tresses will no doubt start to file in soon. Wella Professionals has taken note of the seasonal changes to come and in January will be launching healthy hair care line Elements which consists of a shampoo, conditioner, masque and leave-in conditioning spray that are all packed with NuTREE complex, a combination of natural tree extract, Panthenol and EDDS; are sulfate- and paraben-free; and offer up to 10 times more keratin protection. Also on the docket for release in March is Instamatic by Color Touch, an on-trend temporary hair color line that encompasses six soft, muted shades like Jaded Mint, Smokey Amethyst and Ocean Storm; and Blondor FREELIGHTS, a new freehand hair-painting addition to the Blondor family that promises natural, soft, sun-kissed strands. At the New York City unveil, we caught up with Wella Professionals celebrity stylist Andy LeCompte and Proctor & Gamble manager of scientific communications, global color cosmetics Sarah Vickery to find out a little bit about what they think of the new lines and trends. Read on to find out more.

Launchpad: What are women looking for in their products today?

LeCompte: I think we’re living in a much more health- and element-conscious world. Everyone is concerned about all of the elements from the weather to global warming to what they’re using. Everyone eats organic and healthy, whole foods. [Elements] is a line that’s designed for all of the people that want that more organic and healthy lifestyle and want paraben- and sulfate-free products that still give you luxurious results. But it’s not so granola that it’s going to make your hair feel dry! There’s a demand for these products [and they’re loved by my clients’ Megan Fox, Madonna and Jennifer Connelly!]. It’s great because Wella is listening to us and the salons and to what our clients are looking for. And we also have certain requirements as stylists. We want customers to have hydrated, nourished and conditioned hair that isn’t going to affect the color. And the keratin [in Elements] makes hair feel new and reconstructs it.

Launchpad: What’s most exciting to you about Elements?

Vickery: The NuTREE complex! It really does protect the hair and provide an added benefit as far as the keratin is concerned. The tree extract is a new ingredient that comes from ash trees and it’s an incredible antioxidant and really does a lovely job of protecting the hair, and the Panthenol and EDDS really work from the inside out. I think it’s beautifully designed!

Launchpad: On that note, what’s most exciting to you in Wella’s new color launches?

Vickery: For me, Instamatic is just so cool because it’s so much fun, it’s on-trend and it offers effects that you couldn’t get through just straight color before. I think it’s something everyone can play with without feeling like it’s an over-commitment, so it’s all really exciting!

p; ong>Launchpad: Instagram was part of the inspiration for the Instamatic line, how did that come about?

Vickery: I think because it has that powdery, muted effect it looks like old-time photography so [the color] gets that classic, Hollywood photography Instagram effect. It’s almost like you have a filter on you. I think it’s a really cool story and I think it comes to life beautifully in the colors.

Launchpad: Do the colors in Instamatic translate well on both blondes and brunettes?

Vickery: [Yes!] What you would do is if it’s very dark hair, you might lighten it a bit first and then hit it with that punch of color and you’ll still get that really nice display of a powdery, muted finish. I personally like the moody blues, greens and purples with darker hair tones. I think they’re gorgeous! And the pinks [work well] for blondes, but really all the shades look great on everyone! I think it’s unusual to be able bring some of these muted light, colors to a brunette’s hair and really have them show up and work.

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ong>Launchpad: What trends are you seeing on the forefront?

LeCompte: I’m so happy the pastel hair trend is here to stay! I think in the world we live in with Instagram and technology everything is so instantaneous. It allows a lot of people’s personal expression of style, and that’s why there’s such a broad perspective of style and why so many women are able to express themselves in many different ways and have their own individual personal style. There’s always going to be trends like blunt, long, short. But I’m happy it’s all about individual style. It’s really refreshing that people can do what works for them. And even that’s what the biggest trend is now: doing what works for you.

Launchpad: In terms of Instamatic, the colors can be so soft and subtle. Do you see this as something that women are looking for?

LeCompte: That’s part of the cycle of it. You go softer and a little bit more subtle in the springtime. In the summer, you grow your hair a little longer and make it a little less polished. And in the fall, you cut it a little bit shorter and go a little bit bolder. We’re in spring so everything is softening a little bit.

ong>Launchpad: Do you find the pastels colors found in Instamatic to be one of this springtime’s trends?
Vickery: I do! But I also think because [the colors] have that moody quality to them that they will work in the fall as well, especially with the cooler tones. The blues, greens and gray colors are really moody and smoky so I think those can work year-round, but then certainly for spring all of the pastels!

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