Tips For Maintaining Hair Extensions

Picture this: After perfecting an extensions masterpiece that looks natural and undetectable, your client heads home ecstatic and feeling like a movie star. Her long, shiny strands cascade gloriously in the breeze as she disappears down the street. A couple of weeks later you're at the grocery store standing behind what you can't help but notice is an extensions train-wreck. She turns around and to your dismay it is your client!

While your client's hair extensions may look amazing when she leaves the salon, diligent maintenance is the key to keeping extensions looking their best after she leaves your chair. Sharing the importance of at-home care with your client is essential. After all, she is a walking billboard for your work. Hairdreams Master Educator Erin Pashenee and Abbie Doerr, Hairdreams Education and Development Manager, share tips for helping clients get the most out of their extensions look.

Extensions Tips for Clients:

  • Suggest the proper hair products to help your client maintain the integrity and healthy, shiny look of the hair. For example, Hairdreams offers a line hair products to complement Hairdreams extensions.
  • Completely dry bonds after washing hair.
  •  Brush through hair nightly with a brush specifically designed for extensions. (Hairdreams has a specially-designed brush with bristles that go over the hair strands helping to detangle hair.)
  • Tie hair back into a low ponytail nightly before going to bed.
  • Make an appointment every few weeks with your stylist to help trim and tidy up natural hair as it grows out.
  • Ensure hair color is cared for and maintained by a licensed professional.

[Image courtesy of Hairdreams]

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