Hair Color How To: Leopard Spots by Megan Gill

Eufora educator Megan Gill recently created this fun, edgy, leopard-inspired look for her client. Relying on fun color patterns and unique placement techniques, Gill created a look that was both bold and stunning. Below, she shares the steps she took to create the style:

Get the Look:
1. Clipper or scissor-over-comb to a 1/2-inch or #4 guard. If the hair is cut too short, the design won't pop as much. If it's too long, it will be difficult to control the hair or have it lay in the right place when finished.

2. Using Eufora's AloeLite Bleach Pods, lift the desired design area to a level 10 blonde. Leave area raw and do not tone. Use Eufora Beautifying Elixir Bodifying Shampoo to thoroughly remove any remaining lightener.

3. Using EuforaColor, mix 10 grams of no ammonia 6.3 with 5 grams of no ammonia 8.3, 1:1.5 with 10 volume developer for the primary center placement. The gold will help fill the blonde to anchor the color while giving you a warmer shade - similar to leopard spots.

For surrounding black spots, mix no ammonia 1.0, 1:1.5 with 10 volume developer. You can get creative and use blue, pink or orange for a bolder, more avant-garde design.  

4. To begin your design, apply the gold formula with a short-haired makeup brush to create and place circles. Make sure there is enough space between and around the gold circles to place the surrounding black markings.

Note: the makeup brush should be a short-haired eye-shadow brush, not too fluffy with short bristles for control and precision during application.

5. Clean the excess color off your makeup brush and start applying black markings around the circles previously created with the gold formula. Black overpowers most colors, so, there is no need to apply these separately. Process the black directly on top of your other formula. Process Time for Gold & Black Spots: 25 minutes

Note: All leopard spots are different - some have two black markings around the center and some have 3 or 4. There’s no need to be perfect when creating your design. Having a photo next to you for reference is always helpful.

6. Cleanse the hair with Bodifying Shampoo and condition with Bodifying Conditioner. Rinse with cool water to help prevent the colors from bleeding onto the blonde.

7. Towel-dry hair. Apply Eufora’s Color Locking System to wet hair by mixing Sculpture Styling Glaze and Illuminate Shine Mist. Style as desired. This cocktail helps close the cuticle down, lock in the color and keeps your client’s color looking vibrant for up to 30% longer.

[Image courtesy of West PR]

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