Learn How to Create the Natasha Pearson UK Wave Braid

ow these steps to create the Natasha Pearson UK wave braid seen at the Unite Global Session 2014:

1. Prep the hair with a light spray of Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner and then apply from root to tip Unite Session Whip.

2. Using the Unite Boar Bristle Paddle Brush dry the hair, on a medium heat, paying particular attention to the hairline.

3. Build the style by braiding a small centre section from front to back.

4. Taking the rest of the hair,brush into the nape of the neck and wrap two inches of leather around the base to allow it to stand out.  You can sew this into place.

5. Braid the ponytail into a thick 3 strand braid, securing at the bottom.

6. Using Unite Texturiza dry finishing spray, apply onto the braid to give a textured finish by using your hands to rub on the hair and pulling into place.

7.Finish the look using Unite Pro Styling Flat Irons feed the hair through making a bend as you do. This gives the wavy finish. Place loosely over the sides and secure at the base of the ponytail plait. 

Unite Global Session took place in San Diego October 5-6, 2014. For more information visit unitehair.com.

[Images courtesy of Pickle PR]


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