Hair Color How To: Autumn Highlights by Dominique DeFrancesco

Now is the perfect time to transition single process guests to something new and exciting for fall/winter. Dominique DeFrancesco, colorist from De La Mer Salon in Bellmore, NY offers a quick and easy technique to upgrade services that refreshes color for the season, creates an entirely different look, and entices guests to try highlights for the first time – all depending on how the technique is customized per guest.

“I took this guest from a level 6 to a beautiful cool brown with a quick coloring technique; coloring from the interior, combining hair painting for face framing accents and a zigzag section from the interior to give her a simple pop of color," says DeFancesco. "The result is the perfect combination of a beautiful brown with an ‘autumn splendor’ highlight."

Get the Look

Background: Goldwell Topchic 5n equal parts 4na 10 volume
Detail A: 35 ml Goldwell Silk Lift 30 volume 1 scoop Goldwell Silk Lift strong
Detail B: Overlay 7PK=9VR=10BB drops of VV mix Goldwell Colorance Lotion

How To:
1. Apply background to roots

2. Section inverted zigzag from the interior, alternating full saturation and partial saturation painting Detail A.

3. Leave tear drop section from the top of the crown and apply the background roots to ends.

4. Process total of 35 minutes, shampoo towel dry, apply Detail B for 15 minutes.

“This technique is a great way to show guests how versatile your coloring skills are; take a pic of them and post on Facebook to advertise your work,” says Patrick McIvor, Artistic and TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California.

[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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