Robert Vetica's Tips for Beautiful Hair Extensions

Celebrity stylist Robert Vetica, owner of Robert Vetica Salon at SLS Hotel in Los Angeles, shares tips for creating a beautiful extensions hairstyle as he demonstrates how to create the look on Launchpad's Alyson Osterman-Kerr using Invisi-tab Virgin European Hair Extensions. Watch the video to find out the most important factors you need to know to achieve a flawless extension look. Vetica shares his expert advice for finding the right balance on extension placement, haircut and color. 

About Invisi-Tab:

The unique, natural-looking results of this look are made possible with revolutionary true virgin European hair extensions from Invisi-Tab. These rare and luxurious virgin European extensions blend perfectly into any hair, are light, comfortable and easy for clients to maintain. They can also be effortlessly colored or processed without fear. Invisi-Tab is known for its cult following among film and music-industry stylists.

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