NYFW Get the Look: Tribal Styles at Palomino Jewelry by Selda Cortes

Eufora educator Selda Cortes was recently the lead stylist on the Palomino Jewelry Fashion Presentation at New York Fashion Week. To complement the collection, Cortes created a stunning tribal hair look that combined major volume on top, with sleek, fishtail braid pigtails.

Get the Look:
1. Use Eufora Clear Dry Shampoo on the roots to give volume and texture.

2. Section the top part of the hair (clip the rest of the hair away) and use T3 Body waver to give more volume. Tease the hair and use Eufora Powder Lift to leave thicker and fuller hair, as well as to help hold the style. Spray on Eufora Details Spray Wax to add more texture.

3. In the back of the head, do a middle zig-zag part bringing the hair forward and do a tight fishtail braid. Once it's done, backcomb the end of the hair and use Eufora Powder Lift to hold the style. You won't need to use any rubber bands. Powder Lift is excellent for holding any hair style or up-do. Then use Details Spray Wax all over the fishtail (you can open up the braid) and at the end of the braid to give more texture.

4. Once the look is complete, take the synthetic braided hair, add it to the forehead, and pin it in the back of the head, blending it with the teased hair by using invisible bobby pins.

5. Lastly, add the small pieces of brown ribbon as you wish on the top of the head in between the teased hair without taking the volume away. Finish the overall look by using Elevate Finishing Spray to hold the style.

    [Images courtesy of West PR]

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