Backstage Beauty: Sally LaPointe Spring/Summer 2015

For many, spring signifies a time to clear out the winter cobwebs and make a fresh start. At Sally LaPointe the beauty encompasses that same spring freshness and takes inspiration directly from the collection, which “is all about new beginnings and a blending of traditional and new,” shares Morgan Taylor key nail artist Danielle Candido. “[Sally] has moved away from what she had been doing, which was very structured and utilitarian. This [collection] is much softer and flowing in the way the materials lay, but the clothing still has substance, and I wanted the nails to reflect the same thing.” Some of the duds contain neoprene, so Candido blended lacquers to mimic the material’s textured sheen effect. To create a subtle, metallic shimmer, she mixes equal parts Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquers in Something to Blog About, Scene Queen and Make It Last Top Coat. To finish the look, she tops the concoction with Morgan Taylor in Mattes A Wrap. “We [created] the effect of the lavender that is present in the collection (but it’s not in your face!), and it has that matted top coat so it gives the nail that neoprene look,” she explains.

MAC lead makeup artist Kabuki also echoes the collection in his soft and simple makeup design. “I want the whole makeup look to feel feather-like because feathers were one of Sally’s inspirations,” he shares. To achieve a fresh, light and young look, Kabuki first preps the models’ skin with MAC Prep + Prime Skin Smoother and lightly contours and perfects tiny details with Fast Response Eye Cream and Studio Finish Concealer. He then custom-blends MAC lip colors to create a pastel lavender-like hue that he applies to the eyelids while he dusts just a bit of orange MAC in Morange Lipstick on the lips. “[The makeup] looks like a visual palette cleanser, a spring cleaning. It's like a spring flower. It feels optimistic and like new beginnings,” he shares.

For the hair design, Oribe lead stylist Yannick d’Is keeps it simple. “She’s a young, fun girl who wants to be cool,” shares d’Is. To create the minimal look, he first parts the models’ tresses straight down the center and applies Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse to the middle and end sections to conjure texture. After blow-drying, he creates soft waves using a curling iron and works his fingers through the models’ locks to break up the hair before spritzing Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for a final touch. And to give some of the models a little extra oomph, d’Is adds pale-orange or lavender extensions that mirror colors found in the collection. —Molly Church


(Images courtesy of Luxury Brand Partners, Morgan Taylor)

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