Makeup Trend Tips: Arrowed Eyes

Elongating eyeliner – known as “arrowed eyes” – has made a recent resurgence on runways, with makeup artists highlighting a vivid assortment of different plays on the trend. Creating arrows, wings and points with eye liner is a great way to mix up your client’s makeup look in a way that’s both wearable and expressive.

Shawn Towne, makeup artist and global educator for jane iredale shares her tips for creating four on-trend eye looks.

Thick Glam

The Look: “The element that makes this look so fun is that the liner elongates the lash line. Create a thick line across the top lid and extend it at the end, lifting it slightly. Use liquid or gel, but make sure you have a brush with a sharp enough edge to give you a fine point at the end.”

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New Wave

The Look: “Reminiscent of the ‘80s, this edgy look uses a hard black line that extends out from the corner of the eye to a fine point. Start from the inner corner of the eye and pull the liner across the lash line, straight out toward the temples. Use a liquid with a fine point, and take your time.”

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The Look: “This high glamour Egyptian inspired look gives a dramatic appearance, shown here with a vivid purple shimmer. Apply a black gel liner with a Camouflage Brush all over the lid, leaving a sharp unblended line of demarcation at the top. Next, color over the liner with a luminous shadow in a color of your choice. A cream shadow or Eye Gloss can give even more saturation and longevity.”

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Doe Eyes

The Look: “A throw back to ‘50s and ‘60s Hollywood, this technique is still commonly used on red carpets all over the world. Using a liquid or gel liner, line the top and lower lash with a thin defined black line. At the outer corner, thicken the line and bend the it away from the lashes to create a lift at the edge of your eye. For more dramatic impact, fill in the corner under the line with white pencil or shadow and line the inner rim of the eye with white.”

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[Images courtesy of Shawn Towne]

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