Celebrity Stylist Martino Cartier Launches Suretint Technologies at Martino Cartier Salon

The Martino Cartier Salon, located in Sewell, New Jersey, announced their partnership with SureTint Technologies, a revolutionary software system that improves hair color accuracy, repeatability and efficiencies for the salon and colorists. The SureTint System helps support both business and creativity, ultimately benefiting the salon’s clients.

“The addition of SureTint Technologies at Martino Cartier Salon in Sewell will be a huge asset to our busy salon atmosphere. It will encourage and support the already amazing relationship between our colorists and clients while providing me, as a salon owner, the business tools I need to successfully run my business. I believe SureTint will dramatically improve and change the way salons do business in the coming years and I am thrilled to be working with them,” commented owner Martino Cartier.  

“I am also excited to be introducing SureTint Technologies to our network of salons that participate in Friends Are By Your Side (FABYS).  FABYS’ mission is to unite the global salon community to support and provide wigs (or services) to women who have lost their hair to chemotherapy at no charge. A percentage of the incredible savings a salon will experience by adopting SureTint Technologies can go to fund their wigs and services for their clients. It’s the ultimate win-win for the salon and the community!”

From perfect batch sizing to color accuracy and repeatability to business data reporting, SureTint offers management tools to the salon industry. The system delivers consistency, efficiency and savings, day after day.  SureTint’s step-by-step process also simplifies internal salon training without interfering with the colorist’s creativity or choices. The SureTint System includes tablet computers with LCD touch screen monitors, USB “SmartScale™” and SureTint’s proprietary Color Management Software to guide colorists through the color preparation process. 

[Images courtesy of Exit One Solutions]

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