Fall Hair Trends: Marco Pelusi on the Season's Hottest Looks

As the final few weeks of summer wind down to make way for cooler temperatures and cozy nights, everything from fashion to beauty trends are sure to reflect the gradual change in seasons. Renowned colorist Marco Pelusi is looking forward to a new crop of fall hair color trends, from bright blonde, to a new take on ombre, and everything in between. Below, Pelusi shares his thoughts on Fall 2014's hottest hair trends, as well as tips on how to fully take advantage of each new, autumn look.

1. Platinum blonde is making a comeback. Says Pelusi, "The concept of the fashion wheel tells us that a trend starts out on the wheel as avant-garde, then moves into fashionable, then becomes mainstream, and then is outdated (and then rolls into avant-garde again). This has happened with the platinum blonde; it's almost been seen as outdated for a while, but I think it's been creeping [back] in [to the mainstream]." Stars like Lena Dunham, Miranda Lambert, and Dianna Agron seem to be proving him right, each recently debuting a new platinum 'do.

2. Sombre is the new ombre. The tried-and-true ombre trend, which began making its mainstream debut a few years back and has since been worn by nearly every celebrity from Miley Cyrus to Jessica Biel to Jared Leto, isn't showing any signs of fading away. However, according to Pelusi, the new take on ombre is a softer, subtler version, aptly dubbed "sombre." Says Pelusi, "I had a strong feeling this trend would stick with us in its various, different forms… [Sombre] moves more into the ends being slightly sun-kissed or tipped with a gradually lighter color. This differs greatly from the strong line of demarcation [seen in] the old ombre, where the hair literally went from black to blonde. This is a much softer progression, and in my opinion, is quite beautiful, and definitely feels on-trend throughout the fall." The takeaway: while ombre isn't going anywhere anytime soon, a softer, more natural version for fall is about to take over.

3. Warmer tones are in for any shade. Says Pelusi, "The blondes who are on-trend will gradually add more low-lites - deeper, richer, darker tones throughout their blonde hair - to reflect the change in seasons. Brunettes can consider adding deeper and warmer tones, again to reflect the change not only in the season, but the fall colors of the leaves, and everything around us. Brunettes can add a touch of deep gold and hints of red/auburn."

4. Healthy, shiny hair is always on trend. However, fall brings with it a host of new potential hair problems for your clients. "Indoor heat is always a culprit for drying hair as the fall is upon us; it's time for deep conditioning treatments," says Pelusi. His tips: advise clients to nourish their hair as much as possible, and offer deep conditioning treatments in order to help them achieve the healthy look they desire. "Find a deep conditioning formula that works for [your client]. Shampoo [their] hair, rinse, squeeze out the moisture, towel blot, and apply the deep conditioner. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes, preferably in a warmer or steamier area, then rinse." You can even recommend that your client try a leave-in conditioner. Pelusi recommends the Marco Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard.

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