Ariel Winter's Textured Red Carpet Hairstyle

Stylist Aviva Perea created Ariel Winter's youthful look for the Emmy Awards red carpet.  Aviva says, "With a high collared dress, we knew her hair had to be up but didn't want it to be too stuffy." Find out how to re-create the look:

1. Beginning with damp hair, Aviva prepared the hair with texturizing mousse and rough-dried with the T3 Evolution LongLife dryer and only her fingers, focusing on lifting at the roots for optimal volume.

2. Next, she wrapped 1” sections around the T3 SinglePass Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Iron with the 1.25” tapered barrel, alternating directions with each section. Around the hairline, she curled the hair away from the face.

3. Once finished, Aviva then gathered the hair (beginning at the cheekbones) into a ponytail and securing with a CyndiBands elastic hair tie.

4. Once gathered, she then wrapped a small piece of hair around the elastic and secured it with a bobby pin.

5. To finish, she coated the ponytail with texturizing spray and teased it with a wide tooth comb to “pump up” the volume, and then finished with hair spray.

Tools used:
T3 Evolution LongLife dryer
T3 SinglePass Whirl Trio
Interchangeable Styling Iron with 1.25” tapered barrel
CyndiBands elastic hair tie

[Image: David LIvingston/Getty Images]

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