Get the Look: Create I Colori (Colors) by Pasquale Caselle

Pasquale Caselle, International Creative Director for IT&LY Hairfashion North America created I Coloi (Colors) using IT&LY Hairfashion, N.A.’s professional only hair color in order to capture the radiance and beauty colors can achieve. According to Pasquale, “Color is how we view this beautiful planet. Our lives are surrounded by it and as artists we draw inspiration from it.” Below, Pasquale shares the steps needed to achieve I Colori:

Get the Look
1. Starting from the back of the head at the nape area, take slices that are thin but about 3 to 4 inches wide (do not weave like regular highlights). Use IT&LY’s Easily Blonde lightener mixed with 40 volume Oxily Developer to pre-lighten. Work your way up the head to the crown doing the slices in a chevron pattern. Then, from the front area to the crown, do the slices on a diagonal from the temple to the ear area keeping bleach application about 1/2 inch away from roots all over the head. With this technique, the back area will be lighter than the front; this is the result you want to achieve so the toner applied later will achieve a brighter and more vibrant color at the back for tonality.
2. While the bleach is processing, mix IT&LY’s Aquar&ly color in 5CP with 20 volume (1:3 ratio) and apply to the root area all over the head.

3. Once the bleach and Aquar&ly color has processed, remove the foiling and wash the entire head thoroughly and towel dry.
4. With the back slices lighter than the front (pieces should be a pale platinum color) Pasquale applied IT&LY’s Light+Passion toner. In bowl #1, mix IT&LY’s Light+Passion Intense Red with 10 volume Oxily Developer. In bowl #2, mix IT&LY’s Light+Passion Violet with 10 volume Oxily Developer. Begin by applying the color to the lightened areas only using the Light+Passioncolors and working them from the nape to the front of the head, alternating between the Violet and Intense Red.

5. Allow to process 20 to 30 minutes.
6. After processing, wash hair with IT&LY’s Purity Design Shampoo and Conditioner and, after towel drying, apply IT&LY’s Plusonda for beautiful shiny hair and style.

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Hair by: Pasquale Caselle, International Creative Director, IT&LY Hairfashion, N.A.
Makeup by: Michelle Marie Miller
Photographer: Amy Strzalko of Picture This

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