Jewelry That Speaks to You: E+N Jewelry Collection

Inspired by the Buddhist tradition and metaphysical thought, e+n jewelry was designed to be a wearable reminder that we all have the ability to manifest our own intentions and obtain a more peaceful life, full of love and happiness.

Hairstylists, salon owners, and E+N founders Emmett and Naieem began the jewelry collection, first for themselves, and eventually expanded as they found the creative process to be therapeutic and relaxing after the day-to-day task of owning and running a successful salon. Emmett and Naieem drew creativity from their stylist profession and began channeling it into creating beautiful pieces that exude peace, energy, and Zen. As the practice expanded, so did demand, with many requests from clients, celebrities and other salon owners rolling in. Eventually, the duo decided to officially launch their e+n jewelry collection.

The core focus of e+n jewelry is centered around the concept of learning to live a more fulfilling life. Keeping in mind the different inspirations that guide each unique individual along his or her path, each piece in the e+n jewelry collection serves as a visual reminder to pursue one's peace and happiness, as well as ethical and mental self-improvement. The line uses natural raw materials in all designs, including bone, silver, wood, copper, semi-precious and precious stones. Aesthetics, as well as gemstone significance, is always taken into account during the creative process.

According to Emmett and Naieem, "Sometimes we just need a reminder to keep us focused on our intentions so we can reach our full potential; we feel wearing E+N Jewelry will do just that… We feel that wearing the jewelry creates balance throughout the day, and keeps us focused, inspired and centered; aligning our chakras to be as creative in our craft as hairdressers."
Actor Aiden Turner, star of If Loving You is Wrong, premiering September 9th at 9:00 p.m. on the OWN network can be seen wearing one of e+n's bracelets throughout the entire series. The bracelet is called the Aiden Bracelet (pictured above).

e+n jewelry is available on Etsy at

[Images courtesy of e+n jewelry]

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