Smoke and Mirrors by Rosa Hawkins

Blonde hair isn't just for summer anymore. Pale versions of the popular hue look beautiful for men or women when offset by darker fall fashions. Creating dimensional blondes is a specialty at Di Rosa Haircare New York. Owner Rosa Hawkins uses a combination and placement of tones to enhance movement and texture in cuts.

For this Smoke and Mirrors look, a smoky color whispers through a clear, creamy, beige base, created with Goldwell Elumen Hair Color, creating high-def shine and durability. Her technique, coupled with the varying tones, brings this razor cut to life with dimension and interest.

Get the Look

The Cut:
1. Section out the back starting at the nape and using diagonal forward sections. Using a razor, reduce the hairline so it lies as flat as possible and continue to occipital increasing elevation as you move up the head shape.

2. Take a 1/4-inch section above the ear and reduce in the same manner as the nape.

3. Release top section and over-direct to right side. Cut length to approximately top of lip.

4. Create texture and space by "tipping" throughout the hair using your razor.

5. Finish with Goldwell STYLE SIGN Flat Marvel straightening balm and Goldwell STYLE SIGN 4 Unlimitor wax spray.
The Color:
1. Using Goldwell Silk Lift Strong and @0 volume, lighten the hair to palest yellow.

  • Detail 1: Goldwell Elumen Hair Color SV@10 40 ml. 3 drops BL@all.
  • Detail 2: Goldwell Elumen Hair color AB@9 20 ml. GB@9 20 ml.
  • Detail 3: Goldwell Colorance 60 ml. Core Lotion 15 ml. 10BS 15 ml. 10 cream.


2. Alternate Detail 1 and 2 in a pinwheel fashion along the top and crown.

3. Process for 30 minutes, shampoo, towel dry.

4. Apply Detail 3 all over and process for 15 minutes, rinse and style.

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