Pivot Point Proves Commitment to Ethical and Safe Treatment of Workers Around the World

Pivot Point International, Inc., a world leader in cosmetology education, recently announced that the company now produces its educational hair in SA8000-certified factories, showcasing that Pivot Point continues to be committed to the ethical and safe treatment of workers around the world.

The SA8000 Social Accountability Standard is a voluntary third-party verification system that audits employers and their factories to ensure ethical treatment and conditions for workers. Global companies and organizations seek and support SA8000 certification to solidify their commitment to human rights by guarding against the use of child and forced labor, discrimination, as well as unfair disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation.

“My father, Leo Passage, the founder of Pivot Point, often said people are at the core of our business,’” noted Pivot Point Chairman and CEO Robert Passage. “As an industry leader, we continue to work hard to make ethical business decisions. Yet doing business in a global economy and meeting the needs of today’s marketplace is a challenging balance. Throughout our 52-year history and into the future, our moral compass continually guides decision-making, including our commitment to operate ethically, and lead with integrity.”

This includes Pivot Point’s mandate to its educational hair suppliers to comply with SA8000 to not use child, prison or forced labor of any kind. In 2013, Pivot Point proactively took efforts one giant step further to ensure these factories held the globally recognized Social Accountability 8000 Standard verification.

Social Accountability International (SAI), a non-governmental organization formed in 1997 that seeks to protect the human rights of workers around the world, issues SA8000 certification. SAI works with a variety of companies and facilities to consult, train, standardize and report on human rights at work. Part of their mission is to advance the human rights of workers, and to eliminate sweatshops by promotion of ethical working conditions, labor rights, corporate social responsibility and social dialogue.

“We, as a company, remain committed to our employees,” noted Pivot Point President Melanie Kopeikin. “This includes their career longevity, and their well-being. Pivot Point practices social responsibility, environmental protection and fair compensation. We also believe in working with manufacturers that hold the same values and ethical standards as we do.”

“We encourage other companies in the professional beauty industry to join Pivot Point in this effort,” added Passage. “It will take all of us to make a real difference in this world."

For more information on SA8000, visit http://www.sa-intl.org/

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