Denroy Group Chairman John Rainey Honored with M.B.E.

The Denroy Group recently announced that its Chairman, John Rainey, has been honored with the order of chivalry, M.B.E. (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in the recent Queen’s Birthday Honors List for his outstanding contribution to economic development in Northern Ireland.

John is Chairman of the Denroy Group of Companies comprising Denroy Plastics Limited, Denman International Limited and USA-based subsidiary company, Denman, Inc. The Group was founded by John and his late father Mr Max Rainey O.B.E. in 1972.  

John has developed the Group into its current position of one of the largest employers in the North Down area of Northern Ireland. Since its foundation, it is estimated that some 3000 people from the area have benefitted from employment either by Denman or Denroy.  

Over the last four decades, John has carefully nurtured both Denroy and Denman to a position where each company is rightly regarded as a market leader in their respected areas of business: Denroy is a global supplier of design, engineering and injection moulding services; Denman excels in the provision of professional hairbrushes and combs which are exported to 60 countries worldwide in addition to being brand leader in the UK.

John has retained a determination to manufacture goods in the UK during a period when factories all over the UK and Europe were relocating to low-wage economies in the Far East. John’s reaction to the threat of low cost competition was to invest heavily in his business by purchasing new plant and equipment to improve productivity, competitiveness and job security. Both companies are currently enjoying record sales which vindicate John’s strategic vision and his determination not to be tempted by the lure of Far East manufacture.

Commenting on his M.B.E., John said: “This is not just an enormous personal honor for me but a tribute to the Denroy Group as a whole. Everyone from my fellow directors, the management team and the entire workforce should take pride in the continued success of our business.”

[Image courtesy of Denman]

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