Corrective Color: Honey Ombré by Amanda Locastro

Amanda Locastro at Di Rosa Haircare was able to take her guest from vibrant red to a beautiful spring honey Ombré in one day without compromising the integrity of the hair. Locastro's go-to color was Goldwell.

Prior History: Lindsay (the guest) was previously red. Her base color was Goldwell Topchic 60ml 20 volume 30ml 3VV 30ml 4V. She had an ombré created with Goldwell Silk Lift and 30 volume, and Goldwell Colorance 5VV 5R equal parts. Three months later, Lindsay came in a washed-out redhead with the desire to bring her hair to a lighter and brighter golden blonde.

Color Correction, PART 1 (Apply and process for 30 minutes):
Base: Goldwell Topchic 60ml 20 volume 40ml 6NA 20ml 7NA on natural 3-month regrowth.
Ends: Ombré up high (almost to natural regrowth – approximately 2 inches from scalp) all around the head using the teasing method with Goldwell Silk Lift and 30 volume.

Midshaft: Balayage with Goldwell Silk Lift and 30 volume over the exposed teased portion of the head. Once finished, return to first section and apply a 20 volume glaze on top of each teased/painted section of 60ml water 60ml 20 volume 30ml 6NA 30ml 7NA and process for 30 minutes.

Shampoo and apply Goldwell Colorance 10BS to the entire head for 10 minutes. Rinse, condition and blow dry.

Color Correction, PART 2:
After washing and blowing, heavily paint hair with Goldwell Silk Lift, 30 volume and cotton and process for 30 minutes.

Shampoo, condition and glaze with Goldwell Topchic 10 volume glaze (60ml water 60ml 10 volume 30ml 7BG 30ml 8G) and process for 15 minutes.

Shampoo, condition, cut and style.

“This is not an easy process, but the results pay off. Posting color correction before and after’s on a 'Color Correction' Pinterest board is a great way to promote your color correction skills and it adds to your credibility,” says Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California and social media mentor.

[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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