Create Glamorous Side-Swept Waves with Tips from David Antunes

Celebrity Stylist David Antunes predicts that the must-have look for this season of proms and weddings is classic, side-swept waves, inspired by old Hollywood glamour. "Old Hollywood glamour hairstyles can be easily recreated into more modern looks," says David. "Many top celebrities have made these classic retro hairstyles into a popular trend, and you can try the following red-carpet worthy hairstyles at home."

Create the classic look for your client with these tips:
1. Create a side part and curl loose waves throughout the tresses.

2. Pull back the side with less hair and pin with decorative hair accessory on the side of the head.

3. Allow the opposite side to fall around the face.

To get a more modern, softer take on the classic look, follow these steps:
1. After shampooing apply your choice of a leave-in treatment and heat protector from shaft to end. Apply a volumizer root lifter to the roots and an Argan oil to the ends. Before blow-drying create a side part - the more dramatic the better.   

2. Section the hair and blow-dry to a smooth finish, keeping in mind not to use a flat iron. This look cannot be created if hair is straightened.

3. Starting with a one-inch square section, use a large or medium barrel curling iron to horizontally curl the hair from ends to roots. Create big loose curls. Remember to go over and under, as curling them over and on top will create a flip – not the kind of look you’re going for! Then, slide hair off the barrel and spritz lightly with hairspray. Continue curling all of the hair in one-inch sections, focusing on smooth, face-framing curls in the front.

TIP: Make sure all sections are curled back in the same direction. It’s all about getting a uniform pattern in your hair.

4. Once curling is finished, tuck hair behind the ear on the same side as the part. Next, smooth curls using a bore bristle and nylon combo brush. To avoid a scary "big hair" look, try Antunes' technique: spray the brush with hairspray, then in one big swoop, brush hair back in the same direction. Not only will this keep hair from poofing out poodle-style, it also tames any fly-aways. This way, all of the hair is smoothed into one pattern.

5. Pin back some of the waves in the back. For a finishing touch, add a diamond brooch or pretty hair clip. Spray the hair thoroughly again for hold.

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