Kate Walsh's Tribeca Film Festival Hairstyle

Ted Gibson shares his tips for creating Kate Walsh's style for the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.

Ted says:

For Kate Walsh, this look is about hair, hair and more hair. I really don’t know any woman in America or the world for that matter, who doesn’t want to feel and look sexy. Tonight is really no exception. I took that freshly shampooed hair into soft, sexy waves. First, I applied a cocktail of volumizing products to her hair. Then I brushed through so that every hair was saturated with product.

Blow-drying is one of the most important steps in the overall effect of the look I wanted to create. To get fullness with your blow-out, it’s best to take one-inch sections of hair at at time. I styled Kate’s hair into a center part, because I felt it suited the dress. After blow-drying, I wrapped the hair section by section around a large-barrel iron to set the waves. Last, I sprayed with hairspray and voila! Bombshell sexy.

[Image:  Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images]

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