Tousled or Trimmed: The Man's Guide to Grooming Trends

Women love a man with a bit of structure to their style. Does the man in your life still think a visit to the salon is “too girly?” Enter Bellus Academy’s Artistic Director, Diego Raviglione. Armed with at-home tips, Raviglione has the scoop for sprucing up any man. Learn how good grooming gets the girl, and a news flash for recent grads: grooming also gets the job!
Diego’s tips:
Get a New Do - The surfer look is out. What’s in? A look that says board room and boy-child no longer. Bellus students are trained to perform classic haircuts in the salon mirrored after the ones their girlfriends might visit.

Trim it up - Scruff is sexy, but cave man isn’t. Suggest a trim that will keep his manly beard, but will just make him looked more polished. Guidelines for trimming over the sink will make it easy as pie for any guy.

Face it - Glow from within after a facial. At Bellus Academy, the Gentlemen’s Facial addresses the skin care needs just for men and specifically helps sensitivity and razor burn from years of shaving.

Two are better than one - Brows mean business. Let Bellus Academy show you what a  difference shaping your brows can make in overall appearance.

Man-icure - It’s even got “man” in the name, so it’s a natural must-do for the men. Nail biters and nervous fidgeters, the experts from Bellus Academy will show you what you’re communicating without saying a word.

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