8 Amazing Images Inspired by Aurora Borealis

Affinage’s latest color collection celebrates the beauty and wonder of the northern lights.

rthern lights. And it’s this backdrop that serves as inspiration for Tracey Devine’s color collection, Aurora: Princesses of Light. The Affinage Global Ambassador is based in Scotland, so she’s witnessed this natural spectacle firsthand. “In Scotland, the northern lights are quite a prominent feature,” she relates, “and they gave me the idea to emulate these colors and patterns in hair. I wanted the new color collection to be bright, bold and beautiful—like the skies when Aurora occurs.” Mission accomplished.

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e color placement by picking a particular northern lights shot and emulating the shapes and shifts of light among the panels in the hair.”

lients, which meant we could work longer and more intricately on the hair and had a lot more freedom with color,” Devine states. “But we were still very careful to match each hue to the model’s look and skin tone.”

al Aurora Borealis image, and Devine added the extra touch of spinning a disco ball while shooting to capture light and reflect shine.

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