Create Your Own Muppets Most Wanted Nail Art with OPI

On the heels of its recent reveal of eight, all new, limited-edition nail lacquers inspired by Disney's Muppets Most Wanted, OPI has released four, fun, muppets-inspired nail art ideas. Create each whimsical look with these easy tutorials:
4. With a thin nail art brush, draw 2 lines up from your sticker guide to each dot, creating 5 triangular points.
5. Fill in your triangles.
6. Remove your sticker guide carefully. TIP: Gently pull from one side of your nail to the other, never pull directly up.
7. Finish with top coat.

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pe. TIP: Use the centerline of the nail as a guide for the center of the heart.
5. Fill in your heart with more glitter flecks.
6. Finish with top coat. [pagebreak]
ggy’s Big Number” at the tip of your nail.
5. Using a thin nail art brush, continue to outline the two sides of a mustache.
6. Fill in the mustache and let dry.
7. Finish with top coat. [pagebreak]">, or "like" OPI and Chalkboard Nails on Facebook ( and, and follow them on Instagram ( and and Twitter ( and

Images: Chalkboard Nails for OPI

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